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News update

After much deliberation – and to focus on other work –  I’ve decided to update this blog only occasionally.


Sorry I’ve been away so long


Just to say, apologies for having been away so long. I’ve been very busy blogging and writing for print. See: and

Hope you enjoy the new writing. Back soon.

What is the difference between page views and hits?

Happy New Year everyone – hope yours is a good one. I haven’t posted for a while, apologies. Snow fall and all that. New Years’ resolutions include wising up on the detail of web analytics. Here’s a very interesting dialogue on the differences between page views and hits. See this link:


Site Maps

Ok. I’ve signed up to Google Webmaster Tools and submitted some of my URLs. I’ve got some questions about site maps though which I’m hoping to answer by means of the following link.

Google Webmasters

If you write a considerable amount of copy on the web then sooner or later you’re faced with  the problem of potential broken links. The methods of checking links I’ve found so far are painfully slow. Google Webmasters is better.

Google Webmasters is a useful tool which enables a webmistress (or master) to check broken links and monitor traffic easily and quickly (I hope).  To use it you need to make sure you have a Google Account. The next step is to install a piece of html code onto your blog. To do this follow these instructions which are specially tailored to WordPress blogs. See this link:

(So the first part of this process is not as difficult as it looks). You then need to wait a little while until the next round of ‘indexing’ I believe it is called, and then you need to look at your Google Webmasters account again and begin checking and eliminating those broken links. For further tips on how to complete this process, please check out the Daily SEO blog I’ve just discovered. (This is not the most interesting job on the planet, I admit but it is important as broken links slow down the search engine crawlers). That means if you eliminate broken links you are likely to increase your traffic. A bit like tidying up, I believe. It’s boring but you need to do it every so often for your house to function properly…have fun.

Daily SEO blog

Getting the most from Google

With a ninety per cent share of the market in the U.K. Google’s search policies are increasingly coming under the scrutiny of the media.

This week’s discussion on Radio 4’s “You and Yours” programme features an SEO expert analysing Google’s current policy in some depth.

PicApp changes

Very pleased to see PicApp have changed the way their photographs appear on WordPress blogs – presumably as a result of the feedback they’ve received. Their logo does not now obscure the photograph but is placed neatly to one side in a gallery section. Like this:
[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=grow+your+own&iid=3598450″ src=”e/9/1/8/Grow_Your_Own_3d2a.jpg?adImageId=7670927&imageId=3598450″ width=”234″ height=”180″ /]